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By SlasherX, 20:31 12/06/2000 - Message Board
Well, I will not update for anything. Only out of progress. I need some time to think and I need time for school and the new design. Stay tuned kids.


By SlasherX, 22:19 12/04/2000 - Message Board
This is very great news. I have been hoping for this for a while now. Enough of this rambling, get it here, and look for the roms here. Now that you have the goodies, let's get down to emulator business. Modeler was released on the Impact page and there are a couple things you should know. Modeler was technically discontinued. But the project has been taken up by R. Belmot of the Impact team. The post is here. That's it for now and keep expecting some real big changes to the page. A big thanks to Retrogames for the news.


NeoPocott Progressing!
By SlasherX, 14:17 12/03/2000 - Message Board
Oh, some glorious progress has been made to NeoPocott on behalf of Judge. He has submitted 2 hacks that implement Sonic Adventure and Metal Slug 2nd mission to NeoPocott. With these 2 hacks, both games are Fully playable. There will be some screens posted on the page later on.

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